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Below are some commonly asked questions. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please visit our Contact Us page and send us your question.

How do I sign up?
Start our enrollment process by going to our How to Enroll page.
How do I enroll for SPEEDBATCH?
he same enrollment process is in place for both and SPEEDBATCH. Begin our enrollment process by going to our How to Enroll page.
How much will I be charged to use
We offer a variety of affordable pricing packages to fit your needs. For pricing information, call 1-800-333-4979 or email us at
How long will enrollment take me?
Enrollment should only take about 10 minutes to complete.
What information do I need to sign up?
You will need your payer provider number, the facility's address, a contact person, and a credit card for billing purposes.
What keeps a malicious hacker from grabbing my credit card information when I enroll?
We use 256-bit strong encryption (Secure Socket Layer version 3) to protect your credit card information when you enroll.
After I enroll, when can I start using
Your enrollment application has been received and will be forwarded to our enrollment group for payer approval. You may view the status of the payer by logging in, first selecting User Administration, and then selecting Manage Payers. As some payers require additional approval, your access to their eligibility information may be delayed. Please allow a minimum of one week before contacting the enrollment group to verify the payer status.
What do you do with the information you gather about me when I enroll?
We maintain your information for administrative and billing purposes. We do not sell or transfer your personal or company information to third parties except for the payer for which you select to verify eligibility. The payer will only use your information to verify your credentials as a valid provider. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.
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Who can I contact if there is a discrepancy in the responses on this web site?
You can contact the support unit Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time. For a full list of contact information visit our Contact Us page.
What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files that are used to provide a more personal browsing experience. They are sometimes used to keep track of the pages users visit when they are on a web site.
Does use cookies?
Cookies are used on
What does's cookie do?
Our cookies keep track of when you log in and log out of the secure pages of
Are cookies stored on my computer?
Cookies are removed from your computer as soon as you leave

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