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MEVS stands for Medical Eligibility Verification System. Originally developed as a Florida Medicaid eligibility verification portal for providers, Mevsnet.com quickly expanded to support Medicare and commercial insurance companies. Conduent's commercial Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) clearinghouse, EDI Direct, re-focused Mevsnet.com to meet the needs of providers looking for one system to access patient coverage data from multiple insurance carriers. With a solid solution for delivering up-to-date Medicaid eligibility information to providers quickly and securely, EDI Direct was able to develop the partnerships and technical connections to support insurance payer connections across the nation. Today, we are still expanding our reach as we continue to pursue new payer connections and fine-tune our application to best serve the provider community.

Real Time Eligibility

Successful patient eligibility verification precedes successful claim payment. By having critical eligibility data delivered to providers' desktops in a matter of seconds using a standard web browser, they can verify the correct subscriber and coverage information before claims are submitted. Eligibility responses can also confirm what needs to be collected from patients to cover co-payments and deductibles. We believe our services help lay the groundwork for effective revenue cycle management and improve the provider's bottom line.

Additional Services

Other EDI Eligibility Processing Services
Mevsnet.com and SpeedBatch are Conduent EDI Solutions, Inc.'s retail product offerings for patient insurance eligibility verification. Additional eligibility transaction processing services are available through a host of communication methods, collectively known as the eGateway.
EDI Claims Processing Services
Conduent EDI Direct offers claim transaction clearing services for select commercial insurance payers. Visit Conduent EDI Direct for more information.

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